SAJ PDS23-4T090

رقم تعريف المنتج : 1148

SAJ PDS23-4T090
معلومات فنية
القدرة: 90 ك. وات / 120 حصان
بيانات المنتج
الاتاحة: متاح عند الطلب
الضمان: 1.5 سنة
بلد المنشأ: الصين
وصف المنتج/تفاصيل اخري:
1.Flexibility a.Compatible with IEC standard three-phase asynchronous induction motors b.Compatible with popular PV modules c.IP65 for outdoor installation d.External AC/DC junction box, switch to power supply(automatic/manual) 2.Reliability a.10-year market proven experience of leading motor and pump drive technology b.Smart IGBT module integrated to simplify system design, reduce board space, and thus simplify the manufacturing process c.Choose high-quality material, excellent heat dissipation performance,improve system reliability 3.Smartness a.Self-adaptive maximum power point tracking,efficiency up to 99% b.Automatic regulation of pump flow c.Self-adaptation to the drive used in the installation 4.Remote Monitoring a.Standard RS485 interface equipped for each solar pump controller b.Optional GPRS modules for remote monitoring c.Function data and error records easy to lookup d.Android /iOS monitoring APP support
سعر الطلب:
66280جنيه مصري
سعر المنتج:
كمية سعر المنتج
1 - 5 66280جنيه/وحدة
6+ 59652جنيه/وحدة


* شروط الدفع: 50% مقدما و50% عند الاستلام.

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